Out of all the amazing events that you could go to this year, make sure you put this once-in-a-lifetime life-changing event on your calendar and mark it as a soon-to-be unforgettable experience; you won’t want to miss out.

Hosted by Haymakers for Hope, or H4H, this year’s Rumble in the Rockies III Denver 2020 is a nonprofit boxing event giving everyday individuals a chance to be trained and compete in a boxing championship to raise money to fight cancer, increase cancer research, care, awareness, and survivorship. 

Founded in 2009 by Andrew Myerson and Julie Anne Kelly, Haymakers for Hope hosts events like Rumble in the Rockies year-round and connects those wanting to fight with fellow competitors to be matched at a similar experience level the day of, to duke it out, all in efforts of raising funds to defeat cancer. H4H teams up with local boxing gyms and volunteers to give fighters their best training and to help them prepare for their upcoming fight. When the fight comes around, the participants get to box in front of thousands of spectators and at the end of the day, win or lose, it was fought for an incredible cause and everyone leaves a victor.

One of this year’s fighters is Talent Concierge’s very own Dylan Slattery. He is a 29-year-old two-time Melanoma cancer survivor before the age of 27 and was given a 15% survival rate after receiving a stage four diagnosis. During this period of time, he lost a classmate and friend in a car accident which sent him into a deep depression, fighting PTSD and suicide, and in 18 months, a 60-pound weight loss. Strangely enough, in the middle of his darkest time, fighting cancer gave Dylan a reason to fight and live when he could find no other reason. 

Thanks to his faith, his family, and his friends he found the strength to keep going and perseverance to fight and overcome. Through this journey, he decided to turn his experiences around for good and be a light to the world. Dylan is one of the youngest high-performance coaches and public speakers in the country and his story inspires thousands around the world. His motto, “Be a Cure” has encouraged a call of greatness and selflessness in all who hear him speak. Since 2016, Dyland has performed engagements with major personalities Katie Couric of NBC and Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly. Including being the producer and host of his own international podcast, “Stage Four 2 On Stage”, and capturing the hearts of thousands around the world, Dylan has starred in the online feature, “Your Cancer Game Plan” by Merck Pharmaceuticals and been featured in the newspaper, The Daily Iowan. His influence has reached into many spheres of life and he has performed public engagement events for universities, corporate audiences, healthcare groups, athletic training groups, fundraisers, and more. As an avid high summit climber and Cubs fan, Talent Concierge is proud to represent Dylan as one of their most daring and passionate minds in his field. 

In the words of Connie Pheiff, founder of Talent Concierge, “Dylan is a true gift and it is a joy to represent him on our Talent Concierge Label. Dylan teaches us each day that strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.” 

As a coach and speaker, he speaks on inspiring topics including:

  • Be a CURE
  • How Will You be Remembered – Living out your Legacy
  • Creating a Championship Culture
  • Break the Chains:  Relying on faith in the face of fear and using pain to discover your purpose combined with discipline to unlock your greatness.

Dylan Slattery’s story and the incredible people at Haymakers for Hope are perfect examples of truly remarkable people who have stories that deserve sharing and supporting. 

If you are interested in more of Dylan’s story, want to donate or learn more about Haymakers for Hope, or want to hire Dylan to come and speak at your event, please visit  Rumble in the Rockies III Denver 2020 and Dylan Slattery Event Booking and Full Biography for more information. 

Tell your friends to put on their boxing gloves and fight for a cause, and let’s knock out cancer.