The Covid-19 epidemic has affected many people in different ways, and it has caused a unique set of challenges for students.  Classes have been moved online, parents have turned into teachers as everyone’s struggles to conquer a new norm. Here’s some helpful tips and tools to help you succeed:

Make a schedule, and stick to it.

Now that you are working from home, your old schedule may not work for this season. It is still important for you to create an effective routine. If you listen to music on your commute to and from class or work, continue to do that. If you do your makeup every morning, continue to do that. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday, because routines and consistency can give us feelings of certainty.  Also, set aside a clean place to work; this can help you work from home more efficiently.

Learn a New Hobby 

Whether its graphic design, sewing, or a new language, learn a new skill during the epidemic that will make you more marketable. Many companies are offering creative services, lessons, and some Ivy League colleges are offering courses for free. 

Practice self care:

Fuel your body, eat healthy. Do not pull all nighters,  research has proven that they don’t work. 

Focus on things you can control. Exercise and check-in with your loved ones!

Remember that you are not alone as everyone struggles to conquer a new norm.

Study hard and stay motivated!