The Number of People Leaving Their Corporate Positions Has Been Increasing

During the past few years, more and more people have been leaving their corporate positions. Recent studies have suggested that there has been an increasing number of men and women quitting their jobs, regardless of the dips the economy has taken in recent years and becoming entrepreneurs. So it is apparent that this growing rate of people leaving the corporate world has less to do with money and more to do with satisfaction, impact, and purpose. 

Gallup conducted a survey and found highly talented entrepreneurs, compared with their less talented peers, were:

  • three times more likely to build large businesses and to grow them significantly
  • four times more likely to create jobs
  • four times more likely to exceed profit goals
  • five times more likely to exceed sales goals

Entrepreneurship Brings Fulfillment to an Unfulfilling Job

People in corporate positions report feeling unsatisfied, underappreciated, and void of an impactful purpose through their work.  An astounding 74 percent of people stated that they were looking to leave their current corporate positions. Negative work environments and poor leadership seem to be contributing factors pushing people to start their own companies. People also cite internal politics and domineering bosses as a major propeller in their decision to leave. These circumstances drive people’s motivation to leave, along with having the creative freedom and innovation in their choices which otherwise were previously stifled. 

Entrepreneurship empowers people, regardless of their formal education, to create more powerful, dynamic, and creative work environments. 

Steve Oliverez, author of “The Book on Making Money” speaks to those considering entrepreneurship in his book saying,  “Many people believe that being an entrepreneur is risky. They think it’s much safer to go to college, get a good job, and do things the “right” way. The truth is, there’s no financial path that doesn’t involve risk. Even the “safest” options are risky because life is risky. ​If you’re an employee, you’re counting on the people in charge to make enough good decisions to keep the company profitable and make sure the paychecks go out on time. Working for someone else is not less risky. You just have the luxury of not seeing the risk every day… ​If you don’t own the company, you can’t stop bad decisions that will have a negative impact on the company’s bottom line or its employees… ​You have to trust your job will still be around every morning while you commute to work. You have to trust that there’s enough money in the bank to pay your salary. ​People get laid off. Entire industries disappear. Skill sets that were once in demand become useless. There is no guarantee that your safe path will still exist tomorrow or next year. ​By becoming an entrepreneur, you’ll learn how to find new paths. A change in the economy won’t be a setback—it will be an opportunity to earn your fortune…you get to be the one steering the ship.”

Exit Plan

Making the decision to leave your current corporate position and become an entrepreneur can be nerve-racking. Especially if you have been in the corporate world for the majority of your career. You are leaving something that is comfortable and feels secure in order to pursue your own dreams. This is why it’s important to have an exit plan. This will help you avoid leaving your current job in an abrupt way that will leave you broke and overwhelmed. 

Take your time when planning a strategy. Devising a strategy to leave your current career path, can help you make your transition a bit smoother. If you are in a position where you have made investments tying you your current company, you may have to be a little more strategic when making your plans. Rushing into it without being clear on every aspect of your strategy, will most likely end in a risky circumstance. Remember, the whole point of having an exit strategy is so you have a clear game plan. Entrepreneurship is the greatest joy one can have in their work. Take time to research, make a plan, and jump in! There is no better time than the present. 

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